Anti Cancer

Facts on Drugs Used in Chemotherapy

Prevention and Self-Healing, Alternative Cancer Treatments, also known as natural cancer treatments, for advanced cancer patients are the subject of the Cancer Tutor website. This CancerTutor website is one of the premier websites on the Internet on the subject of Alternative Cancer Treatments. It has more than 150 chapters and articles on alternative cancer treatments, including treatment protocols for advanced cancer patients.

Cesium Chloride
Cesium is an alkaline mineral that behaves similarly chemically to sodium, rubidium and potassium. It is the least abundant of the five naturally occurring alkali ...this is now possible to buy from us let us know if you need further info.

Cancer Cell Encapsulation
we sell here all ingredients

Black Salve Treatment
we sell in shop black salve ointment and capsules

How Cannabis Oil Works to Kill Cancer Cells 

Essiac Tea Benefits
Essiac tea benefits are numerous. The herbs in essiac tea are believed to have effects on the body that improve the functioning of the immune system and improve general health and well-being. We sell it in 60 grams packets approx. for £ 4 each. 

Recent Evidence Identifies Strong Cell Phone Cancer Link     Beside acidic diet, lack of oxygen in blood and negative emotions, environmental pollution brings also considerable risk, strongest cancerogen pollutants so far, as known to us are; in tap water, household chemicals, traffic fumes, non organic food and EMF pollution (electrical wires, active plugs, underground water, radon, wireless devices like mobile phone, mobile phone masts, smart meters and wireless internet connection)

Alkalize For Health - Twelve Ways to Reduce Cancer Pain - Cancer Alternatives
Cancer pain is generally controlled with morphine. However, morphine can be addictive, so it is nice to have some options. One of the best website about importance of Alkaline Food for preventing from or self-curing cancer.

Alkalize For Health - Cancer Self-Treatment - Cancer Alternatives
The 8 step cancer self-treatment program presented here provides alternative treatments to prevent & remove cancer and build your health.

Curcumin Has Potent Anti-Cancer Activity

Cancer patients urged to be active
One in three cancer patients is less physically active following treatment despite evidence proving it is "vital in aiding the recovery process", a charity has warned.

Example of few well-known Clinics 
SBF Health Care : Cancer Treatment SBF Health Care in Bangalore and Mumbai provides SPMF Therapy (Quantum Magnetic Resonance)
German Cancer Clinics Alternative Treatments Medical Care Advanced Cancer Therapy
Every year, thousands of patients travel from North America to Germany for medical care.

Antineoplastons and the work of Dr Burzynski
An article on Dr Burzynski and his alternative cancer treatment on anteneoplastons, missing peptides in cancer.The Burzynski Clinic is a unique organization providing a wide variety of advanced alternative cancer treatments.

Oasis of Hope Cancer Hospital
A well regarded Integrative and Alternative cancer treatment center, Oasis of Hope Cancer Hospital has more than 44 years of cancer treatment experience.

Proton Therapy

GcMAF in Europe, in Japan

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