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 Check out  Prof Dr Stanislaw Burzynski, and his patented antineoplastons  also quantum magnetic resonance, sometimes known has cytotron. We had two clients with tumours, a man who came back from Houston with an 86% reduction in his Glioma in 28 days with no side effects and a lady with a 71% reduction both within 28 days. Burzynski then sends more antineoplastons to their home addresses in the U.K , Also from the Q.M.R quantum magnetic resonance establishment in Bangalore and one near to Amritsar, both in India. Two people both with brain tumours had instant pain relief within 24 hours. Both clients had refused the morphine. One even e-mailed me just to say that I was right and at the end of 28 days returned home with over 50% reduction.


 Here at Earth Foods shop in Bournemouth (UK) we observe more and more people being cured from tumours and cancers using only natural products. Sugars feed all tumours and cancers. I did some running around for two American Haematologists in the 60’s, we worked in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They found few people carrying diseases, the local oncologist said this was due to the high mineral content in the food and water, also in the local pink salt and even in their organic tobacco, into which they put large amounts of pure Cannabis Sativa. They knew the affects thousands of years ago, Anti inflamatory, pain relief, Bronchial Dilator etc, and now we know most of the Chemistry. I had a personal experience a few years later in Kashmir, I was lapsing in and out of consciousness due to a bad fungal infection in the Bronchial track and could only breath a small per centage of oxygen into my lungs. The mattress in the house boat was damp. At 3 am they put me on a canoe with my friends 1 nurse and 2 Doctors who had left their surgery in Hackney,London because they said that they were fed up of just treating the symptoms. Later one came to work for our company, however they rowed me across the lake and woke the local Ayurvedic medicine man up in his shack. All I remember was being pulled up the steps, and being put on a sofa. I really thought I was a going to die, he gave me a pint glass of a dark liquid, I was breathing normally and in less than 40 seconds he made another bottle for me to take away. Before we left Kashmir my nurse and doctor friends wanted to know which ingredients were used. This is because they had witnessed the best Bronchial Dilator in their own experience.


The ingredients for the mixture were alcohol from wood,made by themselves,pine resin, eucalyptus resin and 70% OF PURE CANNABIS  oil made from the same family seeds for over 1,000 years. Do Not take the modern day skunk ,stay off sugars, apart from Agave, Xylitol and stevia ,use Organic foods ,stay off meats ,and do not to eat much cheese and use Hemp Oil and or Linseed oil. Check out (Prof Dr Burszynsky .com and the  Budwig, Alkalize for,Mr Bean Videos ) also Prof Linus Pauling a vitamin Guru ,and his top Student, Dr Mathuis Rath. They have both been out spoken regarding the truths learned about anticancer, longevity of life, using nature's medicines, also using pure minerals that are negatively charged and are made from the Eucalyptus tree millions of years ago. Over 70 minerals in liquid solution, mineral salts and over 95 negatively charged minerals were made about 260 million years ago. Open cell ‘Phytomarine Plankton Spirulina’ contains virtually everything a human needs to survive, including R N A < D N A the Double Helix  (I am pretty sure if Darwin new about Spirulina he may have suggested that we may have a connection with this ‘Super-Duper’ food). Have a mixture of spirulina and linseed oil, mix with pink salt, use it on any organic food add it in blender with broccoli carrots avocado some hemp milk, or almond or quinoa milks and just blend. Use plenty of vit C, L-Lysine, L- Proline, Silica, vit D, vit k, Curcumin Longa, Green teas , Resveratrol, selenium and B17 which has  negatively charged hydrogen cyanide locked into it, also known has Amagdelen. Personally I have taken between 30 and 50 bitter Apricot kernels per day for over 30 yrs. Check out Dr Contreras at the Charity of Hope Hospital in Tijuana Mexico. Eat only Organic Veggies,some exercise according to age,Cellfood (made from Deuterium Sulphate and lignite), M.S.M and MMS and so many other natural products,  it may be possible you can live with most Cancers. Chemo, Radiation and Sugar can spreads tumours, its all out there on the Web. Our Business can help people, we can usually match all internet prices,and put you in touch with Doctors and Oncologists with NHS experience. Due to the low Survival rates of most Cancers, we are working on a spiritual level and cannot charge even as much as 1p for our service.


I have been involved Cellular Medicine for over 40 year, starting at Leicester University where we had the 1st Organic medical store. Later in 1973 the students were told they would not be studying Herbal Medicine being withdrawn from the Course. Also Nutrition,apart from 10 minutes on a Friday afternoon further Homeopathy was not going to be taught anymore too. By then  everybody knew the strength of the Big Pharmaceutical companies. As an observation from the last 40yrs ,the simpler we keep our diets and medicines, the less toxicins we absorb,remember your body is unique to youself. Even twins immune systems are different, when the foods they ate were different. FOOD IS MEDICINE< OR POISON >Now using only natural products  we can see great benefits. Even in the most advanced cancers for example Miners Lung, Asbestosis and Mesalthelioma Mesothelioma (all the same problem with the Plural Cavity), there are no known cures world wide, with any of the Cytotoxic drugs,that we Know of. However,try taking Phytomarine plankton,Frequensea, Serrazyme, Nattokinase, An alkaline diet and CellFood. We hope this information will help some people! Results for cancer cures using  Radiation ,Chemotherapy and other cytotoxic drugs in 1951 was 97% death. They did not reach the 5yrs in their remission plus they were told to eat what they wanted including the main fuels, sugars, honeys and syrups. Pet Scans use Glucose to target the tumours,???!!!.Take the simplest molecule used by the N.H.S, Iron. In our business we have observed especially when ladies are menstruating, Doctors prescribing their Pharmaceutical iron, the complications they observe are worrying to say at least, vomiting, acid reflux, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, constipation,hot Flushes and combinations of all. The contraindications just go on and on ,and thats from there simplest of molecules.

 So what about the radiation, burning the brains out when people get tumours, what about the Necrosis, and the chemotherapy destroying the immune system, we could also go on and on about the money aspects,so lets keep it simple. My lung tumour is 40 yrs old next August. It was discovered in St Petersburg by Kirlian photography and more lately confirmed by Thermographic imagery in India. I had no X-ray, no Pet scan, no M R I and no CT scan and definitely no Biopsies (If you have a malignant cancer and have a biopsy when you draw out the needle where do you think the cancer will go? It could go from the tumour mass straight into the blood. And then you have more of a problem, and then they can make more money from you, and you will be in agony with all the side effects). Cancer cannot grow in an oxygen, and alkaline rich environment.


From Carl Hardman, the proprietor of Earth Foods